After Sign Up

You complete a questionnaire - you’ll tell us about what you’d like to train for, your current health and fitness, and your schedule, so we’ll know how much time you have to train.

Personalize Program

We’ll design your personalized program.

Training Peaks App

You'll download the True Coach app that works on your phone or computer. True Coach will allow you to see your program, log your workouts, provide feedback for us on how your workouts are going and allow us to see your progress.

Weekly Virtual Check-in

Once a week, we’ll check in, either through email, texts, True Coach or Messenger, whatever works best for you. We’ll talk about your progress and tweak your program to keep you on track and ensure your program is working for you.

Sneak Peak

Sample Program

Standard pre-season training program chart.
Standard pre-season training program.
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