Adventure Woman – Tiffany Meyer


Tiffany is a Bow Valley local who took up climbing in her 51st year of life. It was while she was working at the newly opened Good Earth Café which looks directly into the newly built climbing gym at Elevation Place, in Canmore AB. While working and observing many climbers new and seasoned she was intrigued by their movement and skill, she felt a draw to give climbing a try. First she had to work to overcome a shoulder injury, she managed this with yoga.  Climbing is a comfortable environment where one can compete with themselves. Her age has given her confidence, to keep challenging herself. The next step was to sign up for a class, it was a body movement class. Now she is crushing it indoors and venturing outdoors.

She continues to climb not just for the physical exercise, also the spiritual side that some people find in climbing. Tiffany has climbing partners of many ages, there are  no barriers in that regard. In the sport of climbing, everyone supports each other. Climbing takes time to get better at. Tiffany finds herself at the climbing gym 2-3 times a week, building her skills and strength. Currently, Tiffany finds herself climbing a 5.10b/c in the gym on lead, outdoors she is confidently 5.9, with sights on leading a 5.10 by the end of this summer season. Her indoor climbing days help build confidence in her ability on the wall. She also tries to use the elliptical machine 2-3 times a week to build her cardio. The low impact cardio is ideal to lighten the impact on the body. For other activities in the summer, Tiffany can be found on her bicycle or walking with her dog. In the winter months, she trades the bicycle for a pair of wooden sticks and hits the trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

Like many Bow Valley residents, Tiffany is creative. She is very comfortable behind or in front of the camera. Besides working at the local raw food and juice bar, Toniq, she also does work as a portrait photographer. She has been doing this for 15 years, working for herself at Rascal Photo and Design . Her favourite subjects are kids, animals and artists. She thrives on conceptual photography with her clients. Tiffany also is interested in doing more climbing photography, it is unfortunate that she cannot take photos of herself for us.

Tiffany is a strict vegan, for over 6 years now, this journey has lead her to become very aware of the fuel her body needs. In her younger years, Tiffany put her body through a lot, she is grateful that she can do so much physical activity. She finds herself to be stronger and fitter now in her 50’s than she was in her 20’s.

Climbing strong takes a good amount of time and makes for some challenge in balancing family, work and other commitments. Finding an employer who is understanding and flexible as well as balancing activity time with family is key. Tiffany is an excellent example of a woman playing in the mountains and balancing daily life and her favourite mountain sport, climbing.

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